About Us

CyberCore is a Business Automation company focused on gaining maximum efficiency for our clients by using the best technologies available.

With a senior engineering team that has over 25 years’ experience in Accounting and customizing ERP Systems; CyberCore has an impressive client portfolio worldwide (with as many references), attesting to the great improvements we've been able to make in their businesses.

Our Datacenters

We offer high redundancy in power, HVAC, Pre-Action, fire suppression (FM-200), network connectivity and security, with raised flooring (DC1 & DC3), dual power grids, and multiple backup power sources.


The datacenter is continuously monitored via video surveillance and 24-hour on-site security personnel. Access to 4th floor, elevators as well as the datacenter individually is restricted using HID contact-less ACS (access control system) for floor access DC1 and DC2 and Biometric ACS (for DC4).


DC1 and DC2 available 2(N+1) power is given with two power feeds backed up a backup generator. One feed is available from TWO UPS systems which are configured in parallel redundant modes and the second feed can be obtained from 3rd independent UPS which also provides divergent power to equipment if requested. Every outlet is connected to smart PDU to minimize downtime due to over utilization and provides remote reboot capability for servers (for those without built in IPMI).

Datacenter 1: 110V, 220V Circuits.
Datacenter 2: 110V 20A Circuits.
Datacenter One Wilshire: 208V/220V 5A Metered 10A Metered 20A Circuits
Datacenter 530 NAC: 208V/220V 5A Metered 10A Metered 20A Circuits
Datacenter 4: 208/220V 5A Metered, 10A, 20A Circuits


Both datacenters 1 and 2 utilize redundant sets of 11 HVAC systems controlled by software. The primary HVAC utilizes building chilled water while the secondary set uses our own dedicated chillers belonging on the side of the building, independent of the buildings chilled water supply.

DC4, our newest data center, offers new Libert CW cooling systems. Four 20TON units and 2 10TON units cool this data center combined with hot air exhaust. Stacked chillers dedicated to this suite benefit from the building’s primary chilled water bypass if required for redundancy.


All locations use diverse conduit paths to many other carrier buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Redundant dark fiber connections between each connected building and divergent paths to many of the carrier buildings absolutely guarantees unsurpassed network reliability.

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